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Key industry solutions we provide team has strong will and knowledge of expertise to develop solutions for issues for customers worldwide. We use best strategies for our solutions, that are industrial proven with results. We are passionate about delivering services that surpass our client’s expectations, ensure timely delivery. And we always try our best to add layers of scalability and security.

eCommerce & Retail

The activity of electronically buying or selling products on online services or over the Internet continues to influence the e-commerce industry creating new forms of e-commerce such as mobile commerce. And also leading new trends of online shopping centers. We provide eCommerce development services that have a set of rich features ideal for meeting high customer demands coupled with backend productivity and efficiency.

Event and organizing

Event management and organizing is not an easy thing to do. Our event management system automates and simplifies the entire event planning process. Starting with sourcing your venue and ending with custom dashboards and reports after your event. We have everything covered.

Healthcare & Life Sciences

The information that drives digital healthcare innovations. Critical healthcare information transferring is a key problem of the industry. they highlight the need for a data-sharing solution that facilitates expert collaboration while protecting patient confidentiality. We are Improving the quality of life through innovative custom software solutions for the healthcare industry.

Food & Grocery

Online food ordering and related delivery services are customer effective and require a minimum workforce to handle the business. It is management-friendly and also a time-saving method to compare the manual process. With our solutions makes everything possible at your fingertips.

Movement for life

Make personal well-being a key part of life for everyday humans. The best type of workouts, follow diet plans taken from professionals and ways to get fit, follow the right instructions, and manage personal time to take care of the self-health. A mobile app or information website can make the clientele for fitness service providers through our forte in the industry.


The transportation sector is an important industrial sector in the economy that deals with the movement of people and products. The modern transportation systems include trucking, railroads, shipping, and logistics firms. Most data handling is done with outdated systems. There are more quick and accurate ways to handle data. Share your idea with our team.

Education & eLearning

Online Education Solutions & the Changing Learning Landscape. The most valuable part of education is E-learning and online exams can even offer degrees without being physically attended. And there are a lot of confusing ways and smooth ways to connect with students all around the world. ServerClub.Digital offers solutions and allows working with us to stand out in the industry.

Logistics Real Estate & Property

Workflow-based logistics management solution for automation at different stages, from logistic service requests to accounts settlement, and keeping pace with customer’s delivery expectations. Develop an easy qualification management system with ServerClub.Digital.

Tourism and Hospitality

The size of the tourism industry has been growing over the years and the way customers plan their travel has changed. Our travel software solutions use the latest APIs and analytics, keep human intervention at a minimum and thus increase operational efficiency and sales closure.

Media & Entertainment

From production to distribution of media content, Intellectsoft caters to all phases of the content life cycle. Whether it’s distribution, broadcasting, production, building new delivery platforms, or simply reshaping entertainment as we know it. ServerClub.Digital offers a service Powerful Media and Entertainment Solutions for You to Build Engaging User Experiences.

Architecture, Engineering & Construction

Architecture, Engineering, and Construction services make things easy by reducing overhead costs, reducing labor expenses, gaining insights into the latest technologies, and creating faster turn-around time on projects. We are Delivering End-To-End systems for managing your business.


The cyber threat landscape is constantly evolving and increasingly complex, and most companies don’t have the cyber security tools and capacity in-house to keep security measures up-to-date. Because it’s easier than ever for hackers to initiate an attack, organizations now experience increased risk and higher levels of uncertainty. We provide cyber security solutions for your systems.

Textile & Fashion

The textile industry as of now is the most primitive. It makes the least use of various programs applications and types of machinery. For these mechanisms, the ERP solution is a modern, flexible and mobile suite of business applications designed and developed specifically for textile and apparel. With Serverclub.Digital make develop your customizable solution for business.

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